Communication and Language Training for the Middle East

Our Training Centre

The building:

Iraq BuildingOur teaching facility is 3000 square meters, comprised of three blocks: the two-story main block (Block A) which includes the reception, two central halls, 10 classrooms, a meeting room, administration room and teachers' rooms, and four WCs. Block B includes four classrooms and a WC; and block C includes our cafeteria, the prayer room and a WC and wash area. We have 14 classrooms in Basra Villa. Sizes range from 25 to 35 square meters and can comfortably accommodate up to 15 trainees in each. All of our classrooms contain high quality, comfortable furniture, and can be configured to match the training needs of each class. A Data projector and quality sound system are connected to the trainer's computer in each classroom giving trainers and trainees access to all kinds of educational multimedia. All trainer's computers are linked to our main network server so our trainers can share files and print their documents instantly. For the safety and comfort to our trainees, our classrooms are air-conditioned with excellent lighting and each is equipped with smoke detectors, a fire extinguisher and a clearly marked emergency escape plan.


Students' lounge:

Students' loungeOn both floors of Block A in Basra Villa, our trainees will find comfortable lounges where they spend their break time sipping cold mineral water, reading English magazines or enjoying the free WiFi portal. Alternatively, they can visit the cafeteria to watch the news and have hot or cold drinks, or stroll in the garden, where there is a smoking area. We work to make the breaks between lessons very relaxing and satisfactory for our trainees by fulfilling all of their needs.



Students' loungeThe cafeteria in Block C is spacious with seating for 120. It is well separated from classrooms to prevent any distraction for our trainees during their lessons. Lunch meals are buffet style with a varied menu. Soft drinks, hot drinks and snacks are also served in the cafeteria throughout the day.


The professional staff observe international health and safety practices to ensure the quality and healthiness of the meals served in our cafeteria. "There are a lot of positive points about your cafeteria like the accuracy in meals time, the quantity and quality of food is excellent, the cleanliness is very good and the service is great. I enjoy watching BBC while I am having lunch at Basra Villa cafeteria" Ahmed.


Prayer room:

Our prayer room in Block C is air-conditioned and calm, comfortably accommodating up to 15 for prayer, with wash basins just outside.



In total, there are six WCs with including 17 toilets in Basra Villa; distributed for men and women and both styles eastern and regular, we wanted the WCs to be as comfortable and reachable as possible to everyone who visits Basra Villa. Hot water is constantly supplied in all WCs.



Power SupplyThe back-up power supply for Basra Villa is comprised of two diesel powered generators: a main 250kv generator and an emergency 110kv generator, both of which can supply electricity within a few seconds of a power cut. Both the generators are sound isolated and 30 meters away from the main building ensuring that they cannot be heard inside the building. All AC units can operate on either of the generators to keep the building cool at all times.


Car parking:

Car ParkIf driving to Basra Villa, you can park your car in our fenced car park with a capacity of up to 30 cars, is very close to the main road, and guarded by one of our security staff throughout the day.