Communication and Language Training for the Middle East

Business English

LLS Business English Courses are designed to focus on relevant language for business.

You will look at a variety of topical business subjects such as the credit crunch, down-sizing and other common business themes. You will examine and discuss a variety of areas such as the markets, finance, and marketing as well as getting involved in skills activities such as taking part in meetings, giving presentations or writing or responding to business communications such as emails and reports.

You will develop all-round knowledge, language and skills to help you work better and more efficiently whatever type of work you are involved in. This in turn will help your productivity and job satisfaction as well as improving your prospects for promotion within the company.

Taking part in one of these courses will result in

  • Improved command of business terminology
  • Greater efficiency
  • Better communication skills
  • Greater confidence at work
  • Successful business dealings