Communication and Language Training for the Middle East

General English

Luminus Language Solutions has many years of experience in the provision of General English courses.  

We offer:

  • bespoke intensive General English courses to fit any timetable or budget.
  • the most appropriate training materials for the required course of study.
  • interactive whiteboards and digital software at many of our centres to make training lively and interesting.
  • training for you locally in your facility or in any of our well-equipped training centres in Basra or London.
  • complete flexibility of length and content
  • tailor-made courses to suit the learners’ needs and level of English


We will work with your training department to determine your requirements through needs analysis, level testing and discussion, and then using the most up-to-date materials, prepare a suitable learning program and provide qualified trainers to deliver it.

Contact us and we will arrange to have one of our personnel meet with you to discuss what we can do for your organisation.